Contact Tracing solution for Bars, Cafes and Restaurants

As bars, cafes and restaurants begin re-opening their doors after lockdown, they need a secure way for visitors and staff to ‘check in’ which reduces infection risk and respects their privacy.

Connected world

How it works

With Tapmydata, people use an App (Android & iPhone) to securely check-in to cafes, bars or restaurants to safely enjoy a visit to an establishment; contact details are shared with public health programs only as needed.

Collect the right data, every time

With your unique QR code, you get confirmation visitors are not suffering symptoms, build an attendance record for each event and can provide safety information, delivered automatically to their ‘phone.

Eliminate risk & fraud

Unlike paper, email or online booking systems, which can harbour infection or be abused, no-one can intercept contact information and check-in history is deleted automatically after 21 days.

Secure, encrypted portal

All contact is managed by venues via your own, secure control panel and authorised users – Tapmydata has no access to any information, by design.

For Users

It's quick and simple for people to check in at sports club or event, just download the Tapmydata app and scan a QR code.


Contactless visitor, staff registration via app (Apple & Android)

Up to date safety advice

Latest safety advice and service messages delivered direct to their mobile

Check out and rate

When you leave, you can check out and rate your experience

For Proprietors

Tapmydata lets you demonstrate you have a secure means to check-in customers, ask the right questions and inform them on how to stay safe in your cafe, restaurant or bar.

Secure control panel

Encrypted web management dashboard for clubs, central legal & privacy teams


Audit trail of visitor check-in closed visits. Secure data export for NHS test and trace sharing requirements

Data retention

Set an automated data retention policy for check in data.

About us

We are Personal Privacy Solutions Ltd, a team with a mission to build trust around data.

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How does it work?

With Tapmydata cafes, bars or restaurants register on the web and receive a unique QR code which you can print and display. First-time visitors download the app (Google & Apple), scan the QR code and enter contact info and details of any symptoms, which is encrypted in the system.

What is the cost?

Free for a single location or £50/month or local equivalent for more than one location, with the first 3 months currently free of charge regardless of how many locations.

How is Tapmydata being used today?

Our technology is already used by organisations representing over 1.000 groups, allowing them to register people safely, communicate with visitors and share data with the health service as necessary.

How can I find out more?

Simply fill in your details below; one of our team will be in touch to find out more about your requirements and show you how it works over a video call.

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